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UK Tier provides UK Visa,s Immigration and Appeal cases information. Our Huge e-network is providing free information regarding UK Visas and Immigration across World Wide Web. We also supervise the Convincing Department. We have rich experience of Immigration law and tier system and have served as Immigration Solicitors and a Diplomat before opting to enter in the legal arena in the UK.


We are specialized in giving UK immigration and Visas advice to those who want to enter the United Kingdom for a specific period of time, extend their stay or want to settle in the United Kingdom permanently. We are also gives tips in UK tier matters including making applications, appeals.

If you have any problem regarding UK immigration and would like some advice before making any sort of decision then we can help for the following UK tier Categories.

Immigration law is very complicated and Home Office rules and procedures can be confusing. That’s why our helping guidance is waiting for you which can answer any questions and explain anything your unsure about or don't understand. This will avoid you making any irreversible mistakes.

Simply email us or share or ask your question and answers. During the meeting with you we will explain your circumstances; we will also listen and then advise you accordingly.