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Is a Green Card the Same as a Work Permit?

There are many misconceptions concerning green cards and the work permit. Most of the people neglect the importance of the green card when they get the work permit. Although they need to understand that Green Card and the Work Permit both can be used for employments but they do not have the same statutes.

Green Card VS Work Permit:

Most of the people wonder that if they have the work permit, they do not require the Green Card. But it is not the way they think.They cannot just stay in a Work permit situation forever. This is because Work Permit is just an application of either Green card or any other type of underlying status, so work permit is temporary, whereas the Green card for most intents and purposes is permanent.  
It is important to note that, if you have committed certain types of crimes or if you have abandoned your residency, then you could lose your green card. But for most intents purposes, a green card is permanent. 
If the Green Card you apply for or the underlying status that you apply for that gave you the work permit. That work permit is depended upon that underlying status. So let’s say you apply for a marriage-based green card, and it was denied, but you got the Work permit. If that marriage green card was denied, your Work Permit will be no longer valid. 

Can you Work Green card Application is pending?

A lot of time Green card application can take many months and you can work while it’s pending. After you file your application, you get finger printed and after you are fingerprinted, they are going to conduct a background investigation. Once your background application is completed then you are going to get an EAD in the mail. 
Work permit is also called as EAD card which stands for employment authorization document. It is a little red card looks like the green card. Basically, it means you are allowed to work while you are in that underlying status.
It is good while your case is pending and allows you to work in a United States. The other thing it does is that it allows you to get the security card and it also allows you to get a driver license. So, it is sort of temporary immigration identification for lot people. 

Applying for the Citizenship with an EAD or a Green Card:

EAD is a temporary card which allows you to work, but it does not allow you to apply for citizenship.  To apply for citizenship it is important to have a green card along with you. Green card holder can apply for a citizenship after three years of being married to a US citizen, or five years if they are just in a normal green card status. US citizens are never deportable, while green card holders can be deported on certain circumstances, and vise holder can also be deportable. 


Work permit is the temporary application sent to you to give you the permission to work in US, while your Green card case is pending. As you get your Green Card you do not require any work permit application to carry with you. All you need is your Green card; you can work, and can also apply for the citizenship with that. 
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