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Tier 3 - Low Skilled Worker

Tier 3 visas of the PBS UK visa service provides for people immigrating to the UK to perform temporary low skilled work. The new Tier 3 category replaces the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS) and the Sectors Based Scheme (SBS). Under Tier 3, migrants will be granted leave to enter the UK from countries where an effective returns arrangement with the United Kingdom is in place.

A Tier 3 visa application is an employer led process, same as to the UK work permit visa, which this replaces. Organizations looking to sponsor workers under the tier 3 visa systems will need to attempt to source labor domestically before recruiting from outside the EU. Tier 3 visas are intended to provide for the variable need for low skilled workers throughout the year and will be used in circumstances where the Skills Advisory Body (SAB) identifies a shortage area which cannot be filled by the domestic labor force.

As with tier 2 visas, tier 4 visas and tier 5 visas, entry to the UK under a tier 3 visa will need a certificate of sponsorship as part of the application. For tier 3 visas the sponsor will be the operator of a particular low skilled worker scheme and the certificate will serve as confirmation that the applicants who are immigrating to the UK will be bound by the terms of the route.

Disparately a Tier 1 visa or a Tier 2 visa, applications at the tier 3 level do not constitute a route to settlement and will not give you with an opportunity to apply for permanent residence in the UK. A visa for Tier 3 of the five tier immigration system will be granted for a maximum of 12 months and you will be obliged to return home at the end of this period. Switching to other tiers is not permitted and UK visas of this kind do not make provision for spouse and dependant immigration. This means that although the marriage visa, fiancée visa and unmarried partner visa will continue to function independently of the new five tier system, they will not be relevant to applications of this kind.



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