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UK Tier 4 Student Visas - Tier 4 Adult Student - Tier 4 Child Student

UK Tier Explains different TIER structures and categories under the new PBS but focused on TIER 4 Student Visa. Under the new TIER 4 the students would be awarded 40 points to be successful for an adult student visa, adding the universities/education providers in UK would now be known as sponsors and shall take full responsibility as a host for all overseas students.
All students accepted by UK sponsors will be issued with CAS or a Visa letter which will carry 30 points and will be a must to apply for a visa However, the student will have to satisfy the Education Providers that he/she is a  bonafide and genuine student both academically and financially

The UKBA staff at country posts will then verify and conduct verification and authentication of the documents both academic and financial to award 10 points making it a total of 40 points...

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