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Tier 4 Student Visa

Tiers 4 (Students) main category has two sub-categories:

Students of 16 or 17 years old should agree with the chosen educational establishment either to apply for General Student or Child Student visa. It depends on the course level. If the course is considered as NQF Level 3 or above, the educational provider should advise a student on the applicable sub-category. Those studying for an English language qualification at CEFR Level A2 or above must apply as a General Student.

About Educational provider

Means any educational establishment in the UK that is approved by UKBA and has been given a licence to bring overseas students to the United Kingdom under Tier 4. It’s also called registered of sponsors here is the list of registered of sponsors which are legitimate and approved by UKBA   

Scoring Information (Attributes)

The students shout get 40 points to win the UK Tier 4 Student Visa. i.e.:

30 points – for being accepted at a course (at an acceptable level) by an approved education provider (also known as sponsor). Your approved education provider will give you a visa letter (replaced by unconditional offer)

10 points – it’s all about your financial matters. You have enough money to cover your course fees and monthly living costs (also known as maintenance or funds). You must show that you have held the money for at least 28 days. The end of that 28 day period must not be more than one month before the date of your application.

Visa Letter (Unconditional Acceptance Letter)

Your approved education provider (registered of sponsor) will give you a visa letter which is an official and unconditional offer of a place on a course of study.

The visa letter must be issued no more than six months before you apply. The applications where the visa letters are older than six months will be refused.

According to Home Office, having a visa letter does not guarantee the application will be successful. The applicant must meet all the requirements of the category and any other requirements of the immigration rules.

Switching Rules

You can switch in to the adult student category if you have, or were last given, permission to stay in the following categories:

Maintenance or Funds information

You will need to show your financial proof to show that you have enough money which covers your courses fees, living cost for up to 9 months. The amount you will need depends on whether you are applying as a child or adult and also whether you will be studying in or out of London.

Transitional arrangements will apply for those who apply for Tier 4 visa before 1 June 2009. The applicant will only need to show proof of availability of the required funds on the day of application.

Your study is in London if the majority of your study (more than 50% of your study time) will be in any of the following London boroughs: Camden, City of London, Hackney, Hammersmith and Fulham, Haringey, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Lambeth, Lewisham, Newham, Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Wandsworth and Westminster. If you are not studying in any of these boroughs, you will be considered as studying outside London. The address given in your visa letter will be used as proof of your main study site.

You must show the following amount of money to meet basic living costs (not including fees):

You can prove you have the money if you have:

Requirement for Getting Visa Letter

You must provide each of the documents used to get your visa letter from the approved education provider (listed in the visa letter) which may include:

Qualification studying for

Supporting documents needed

Course (at NQF level 3 or the same as or above)
  • Original certificate(s) of qualification; and/or
  • Original transcript of results;
  • Visa letter to explain how your approved education provider assessed you were suitable for your course if it was not based on a qualification (for example, if you have been assessed by a portfolio of artwork).

English language course at level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference

If your approved education provider assessed you using a reference we require the original reference including:

  • your name;
  • confirmation of the course type and level you did;
  • dates of your study;
  • date of letter;
  • contact details of your referee.

If you cannot provide the original reference, you can submit a copy, together with a letter from your approved education provider confirming it is a true copy of the reference they assessed.

  • Post-graduate studies leading to a Doctorate or Masters degree by research in one of the subjects listed in paragraph 1 of Appendix 6 of the immigration rules; or
  • Postgraduate studies leading to a taught Masters degree in one of the subjects listed in paragraph 2 of Appendix 6 of the immigration rules; 
  • Study or research in the United Kingdom of longer than six months, which is part of an overseas postgraduate level course, in any subject listed in Appendix 6 of the immigration rules.
Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) Clearance certificate
If the ATAS certificate is not included, your application will be refused.

Recognised Foundation Programme (postgraduate doctor or dentist)

Original certificate and/or original transcript of results of the recognised degree in medicine or dentistry completed in the United Kingdom.

Original letter from the postgraduate Dean, on the letter-headed paper of the relevant Deanery, confirming you have been offered a place on a Foundation Programme that is recognised by the medical community. (If your approved education provider is the relevant Postgraduate Deanery, you can include this information on the visa letter they issue).

If you provide a visa letter without the written confirmation from the relevant Deanery, we will not give points for the visa letter.



Look here it's a policy guidance for Tier 4 Student Visa


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