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UK Tier 5 - Charity worker – Temporary Worker

This category (charity worker) is designed for those migrants who want to undertake unpaid voluntary work in line with the aims of a sponsor in the UK.

You just can do the voluntary work and you can not do any paid work, when you are in UK as a Charity Worker. You should intend to perform fieldwork directly related to the purpose of the sponsoring organisation.

In issuing a Certificate of Sponsorship, the sponsor will have guaranteed that you:

  1. intend to undertake voluntary fieldwork directly related to the purpose of the charity;
  2. will not be paid or receive other payment  for your work (except reasonable expenses outlined in section 44 of the National Minimum Wage Act;
  3. will not take up a permanent position; and
  4. will comply with the conditions of your permission to stay and leave the UK when it expires.


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